Joe Derr

Joe Derr's lighthearted, abstract figures have been a favorite of contemporary art collectors for decades. Viewers in search of an escape into a playful imaginary world will find these sculptures captivating. Over the past several years Joe has worked with many different media. Some of these formats include bronze, ceramics, oil and acrylic painting and construction made from household utensils. 


Joe is best known for his creative and whimsical wooden sculptures. Tall, slender, and lithe sculptured women in a wide variety of situational poses, these unique sculptures are hand crafted using at least 90 hand-sawn and carved pieces of wood. Depending on his latest inspiration, the final outcome can be a single elegant diva, a dancing couple, or an entire vignette of figures of different themes. 


Working strictly from a mental image, Mr. Derr builds his figures from pieces of hand cut wood that are nailed, glued and doweled together. These many intricately carved pieces of wood come together as a striking sculpture which he then primes and paints the details in a palette of vivid colors. The active, and often exaggerated brush strokes he uses seem to breathe life into the figures. Combined with the raw sculpture emerges an image with a strong presence and often a “diva-like” attitude. 


Joe Derr is a self-taught artist from Reading, Pennsylvania, but currently and proudly claims New Orleans home! Joe has held exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Los Vegas, Key West, Miami, Bermuda and Acapulco; his sculptures are collected worldwide. He has won numerous awards for his artwork.