A highly creative person, TJ Black makes movies, painting and music. He has said his "most difficult decision every day, is whether to make music or to work on paintings". This passion for lyrics, words and writings helps shape his art in a very unique way. He often adds comical or non-sensical phrases that makes the viewer either confused or understands. TJ says of his art, "They don't always have a meaning; I don't want you to be able to see inside my head".

Pieces are full of word pages from books and magazines, bright colors and at least one pop image. He uses acrylics and acrylic mediums to develop a mixed media collage of sorts. The backgrounds are raw with messier marks while the image in the foreground is crisp, with careful brush work defining the line. Black does not limit himself to canvas like more traditional artists. He often paints on pieces of found wood that he combines into larger, visually stimulating arrangements.

TJ has been working as an artist for over 20 years in both, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He recently began painting live competitively, as a part of the "Art Battles" happening around Louisiana. He also regularly collaborates with other artists. He was recently honored as one of Louisiana Public Broadcastings "Featured Artists".

It would be impossible to determine exactly how many paintings he has created, but we can safely say, over a thousand. He has taught himself with years of experimentation, observation and diligence. It certainly has paid off. His style captivates and keeps you looking. Each painting has it's own story and it is up to the viewer to write i