"Singing Pelican" by Adrian Fulton
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"Singing Pelican" by Adrian Fulton

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Adrian Fulton "Singing Pelican

Adrian Fulton was born in Philadelphia, PA. He served in U.S. Air Force and came to Louisiana through National Guard in 1993, got married and has been here ever since. He graduated from The Philadelphia Printing School of Advertising.
He studied & produced Murals while working as an illustrator for newspaper in Sicily, Italy. He donated Draft Design for an Orphanage to Sister's of Mother Teresa while in Italy and a painting of Mother Teresa for the sister's of Mother Teresa.

He donated Murals & Artwork for Local Churches. He is the creator of Craw-Ville Cartoons. He produces 5 minute Caricatures & 10 minute Portraits at Festivals, Parties & Events. His artwork can be seen in several local and out of state galleries and establishments.
His artworks were featured in UL Library on January through February 2006.

After a 20-year long rocky affair in technical career fields, he shifted his efforts back to his first love..... art.

Adrian Fulton was one of the featured artist's invited to the White House by Mrs. Laura Bush at a

Holiday Open House. Selected artist's from around the country specially designed the ornaments

for the 2008 20-foot Fraser fir tree in the Blue Room. Each ornament showcased something

special about the artist's state. Mr Fulton's Santa Craws is a crawfish wearing a Santa suit riding

a sleigh being pulled by shrimp.

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