“Preservation Hall Lineup” by Keith Oelschlager
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“Preservation Hall Lineup” by Keith Oelschlager

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Located on St. Peter street between Bourbon and Royal, Preservation Hall has been playing traditional New Orleans jazz virtually every night since 1963. When you see a line of people all the way down the sidewalk and you think it’s a long line to get into Pat O’Briens, you’re really looking at a line for the Hall. They play 5 concerts a night, and each one is as unique as the musicians who play there. Do yourself a favor and book tickets online, it’s worth every penny! This is the best traditional New Orleans jazz in the world!

The musicians are, from left to right: Jim Robinson, Josiah "Cie" Frazier, James Prevost, Percy Humphrey, Willie Humphrey, Sing Miller, Narvin Kimball

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